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Lecture Notes on
Statistics and Data Analysis with Vista

    This section of Using Vista contains notes on statistics and data analysis. These notes were developed at the University of North Carolina for teaching Introductory Psychological Statistics. These sections and are based on the book by Gravetter and Wallnau.

      Descriptive Statistics
    1. Basic Statistical Concepts 
    2. Reports & Visualizations 
    3. Central Tendency
    4. Variability 
    5. Transforming Variables
      Inferential Statistics:

    6. Hypothesis Testing
    7. Probability & Distributions 
    8. Sample & Sampling Distributions
    9. Hypothesis Testing
    10. Z-Tests & T-Tests: One Sample
    11. Two Sample T-Tests: Paired & Independent
    12. Non-Parametric Tests
    13. Confidence Intervals
    14. One-Way Analysis of Variance
    15. Two-Way Analysis of Variance
      Estimating Relationships

    16. (Advanced Topics)
    17. Correlation
    18. Regression 
    19. Multiple Regression
    20. Principal Components