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Notes on Topic 6:
Probability & Distributions


    Why Study Probability?
    We study probability because the relationships between samples and populations is usually stated in terms of probability. Probability plays a central in inferential statistics.
    Probability and Inferential Statistics
    The goal of inferential statistics is to use the limited information we have in a sample to draw general conclusions about the population. Probability allows us to start with a population and predict what kind of sample is likely to be obtained from it. Inferential statistics allows us to say how probable the sample is to have come from a particular population.
    Probability and Frequency Distributions
    We are usually concerned about probability when we have a population frequency distribution: We want to know how probable it is to obtain a specific sample. For this reason we discuss Normal and Binomial distributions, the two most commonly used in statistics.

    1. Introduction to Probability
    2. Probability and the Normal Distribution
    3. Probability and the Binomial Distribution

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