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Seeing Your Data

ViSta's highly dynamic and very interactive statistical visualizations are designed to help you see what your data seem to say
and have fun doing it!

  • Dynamic, High-Interaction, Multi-View Graphics: ViSta constructs very-high-interaction, dynamic graphics that show you multiple views of your data simultaneously. The graphics are designed to augment your visual intuition so that you can better understand your data.
  • Statistical Visualization and Hypothesis Testing:: Given the appropriate statistical visualizations, you can effortlessly generate "guesses" about the meaning of your data. These guess can be formalized as hypotheses to be tested by the appropriate technique.

  • "Seeing What Your Data Seem To Say" - A visually intuitive and computationally intensive approach to statistical data analysis designed to clarify the meaning of data.

    • John Tukey, in his Exploratory Data Analysis book, uses the phrase to remind us that our job, as data analysts is to understand what our data is telling us..

    • "Seem to Say" --- the best we can do is to understand what we perceive, not the reality itself (whatever that is)

    • Premise: Many simultaneous, dynamic, highly interactive data views which are linked with the user and with each other provide the best opportunity for appropriate insight.

  • Computationally Intensive: To do this, one must transfer all of the effort from the user to the computer: Effortless for the user, Intensive for the computer. As computational Statisticians we should focus on the user, not the computer.
  • Intelligence Augmentation (IA) not Artificial Intelligence (AI): We should aim to augment the intelligence of the user, not to create an artificial intelligence in the computer.