Contributing to
ViSta's Development

Thanks for your Interest in
Growing ViSta

Interested in Enhancing ViSta? It is very simple to join ViSta's developers community. Just send us a brief proposal about what you want to do. When approved, we make the source code, raw documentation, and other files available to you via a CVS server. The editable files of source code, documentation, and other materials reside on a CVS server maintained by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) is a system that lets widely dispersed groups of people work simultaneously on a programming project. By using CVS you can access, modify and update ViSta's files. 

The developer is TOP DOG,
but the user is the 2000Kg GORILLA!!

For more information about contributing to ViSta's development, about CVS, and about what that weird phrase means, visit the links below.

  1. A Brief History and Possible Future of ViSta
  2. About Joining the ViSta Development Effort
  3. ViSta-CVS@UNC: The ViSta developer's server
  4. Accessing the ViSta-CVS Repository
  5. Configuring a CVS client on your machine
  6. ViSta GeneSys: Generating ViSta's development environment
  7. The Bottom Line