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Submit a Proposal

To join the ViSta Development Community, contact Forrest Young with a brief project proposal indicating what you wish to do and how this will benefit ViSta's users. Upon approval by Forrest Young and the advisory board, you will need to obtain permission to use UNC-CH's computational network so that you can use UNC-CH's CVS server.

Obtain a UNC-CH UserID

For UNC-CH Students or Faculty: If you are a student or faculty member at UNC-CH, then you already have the necessary permission. Just follow the instructions in the next several steps.

For those not at UNC-CH: If you are elsewhere, then you need to get a UNC-CH UserID and password. You do this by sending me your US Social Security Number. If you don't have a US Social Security Number, send me your Passport number. I also need to know the country of the passport. I will then get you registered at UNC as someone who has the right to have a UNC UserID. I'll let you know when this process is completed (it takes a few days). You can then go to  to create a UNC UserID and password, using  your name and the number you have supplied. If you can't access this, you may need to start at and click on Email Accounts.When you complete this process you will have a UserID and password of your choosing. You then have to send me the UserID (not the password) so that I can configure the CVS server to permit you to use it. I'll let you know when you are ready to proceed.

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