Contributing to
ViSta's Development

History of the
Development of ViSta

The Past: ViSta was originally conceived, designed, and implemented by Forrest Young, who has worked on the project since 1990. Over the years he has received help from a lot of folks, to whom he is deeply indebted.

The Present: For various reasons, including his health and sanity, a general desire to "have a life", and a realization that ViSta is clearly now more than a one-person project, Forrest is changing his role from "project developer" to "project manager".

Thus, he has opened the development process to those who are interested in improving the statistical visualization and analysis experience enjoyed by the ViSta User.

ViSta is now being worked on by a small, widely distributed community of dedicated developers. Forrest manages the effort and guides the design and direction of development. He also maintains final control and ownership of the code and documentation, and is solely responsible for creating installation modules and getting them "out the door".

A Possible Future: Forrest has in the past, but is not now actively attempting to get venture capitol, and commercialization is not anticipated at the current time. ViSta will maintain the free and open software policies that have always been in effect.

Submit a Proposal

To join the ViSta Development Community, contact Forrest Young with a brief project proposal indicating what you wish to do and how this will benefit ViSta's users. Upon approval by Forrest Young and the advisory board, further information will be provided about the CVS server.

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