Get WinViSta 6.4

Download ViSta, Plugins or Documentation.

Beginner? Are you beginning to learn about statistics? Then you only need to download WinViSta, the heart of ViSta for Windows - you can download plugins later when you need them.

More advanced? Then you should download WinViSta and the plugins that fit your interests. The plugins let ViSta grow, but remain small and efficient.

WinViSta 6.4
WinViSta 6.4 is the heart of the new ViSta system for Windows. It includes all of ViSta's data description, exploration and visualization capabilities, plus ANOVA, univariate regression, frequency table analysis and the common inferential testing methods, all with visualizations.

Plugins provide additional methods and visualizations. Currently, these include Multivariate Methods, Log-Linear Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, Homogeneity Analysis and Multilevel Modeling.

Use this Adobe Acrobat version of the complete set of general help topics to print a quick introduction to using ViSta.