Download WinViSta 6.4

WinViSta 6.4 (May 10th, 2001 - 4.13 MBytes download) includes these main features:

  1. Excel - ViSta: Combine the spreadsheet power of Excel with the visualization and analysis power of ViSta to increase your understanding of your data. Note: Does not work with Excel in office 97. This problem is being addressed.
  2. Missing Data - ViSta allows data to have missing values, and can report and visualize such data. There is a choice of three ways to impute values for the missing observations. Then the data can be analyzed by any of ViSta analysis methods.
  3. User Interface - the user interface focuses on optimizing the user's experience. It is elegant, fast, smooth and easy to use.
  4. Help - help information and the interface to it have been greatly improved and expanded
  5. Plus - new visualizations, new analysis methods, more transformations, improved speed, etc.

The main ViSta module includes these four commonly used analysis methods:

  1. Univariate Tests : T-tests, z-tests, Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon
  2. ANOVA: One-way to N-way Anova with/without 2-way interactions of balanced or unbalanced complete data.
  3. Regression : Simple and Multiple Regression using OLS, Robust or Monotone fitting methods.
  4. Frequency Table Analysis : Chi-Square, Phi Coefficient, Contingency Coefficient, CMH.

The Plugins contain additional analysis methods.