Preview 5.5

New Features in Version 5.05/5.1

ViSta 5.05/5.1 is the standard release of ViSta.

  • Easy: ViSta 5 is suited for use in Introductory Statistics courses. I have used it in my Intro Psych Stat course for three years.
  • Fun: ViSta makes the process of doing statistics more enjoyable: Comments by users: "Its Fun!" "It's my favorite video game!"

New Features in ViSta 5.05/5.1 include:

  • New (and Improved) Visualizations : New graphs include parallel-coordinate plots, mosaic plots and contour plots. Density functions and smoothers are available. Box-plots, quantile plots and normal-probability plots have been improved. There are new spreadplots for Univariate and Bivariate data, for frequency data and for categorical data, as well as for Univariate and Bivariate Regression.
  • System Improvements: ViSta 5.05/5.1 has an extensive help system, color throughout, expanded reports, simplified data management, improved window and icon layout, etc.
  • Analysis Improvements: ViSta 5.05/5.1 can now do unbalanced ANOVA. There are new spreadplots for Univariate and Bivariate Regression. Many reports and visualizations have been improved.