Preview 5.5

New Features in Version 5.05/5.1

New (and Improved) Visualizations

Many visualizations include new dynamic features

  • Dynamic Boxplots have been enhanced.
  • Dynamic Parallel Coordinate plots have been added.
  • Quantile, Quantile-Quantile and Normal Probability Plots have been improved.
  • Normal and Kernel Density functions have been added to Histograms.

Version 5.1.0 has even more new plots

  • Dynamic Mosaic Plots
  • Contour Plots: Quantile and Normal Contours
  • Smoothers: Lowess, Kernel, Linear and Spline Smoothers with Scatterplots

Plus, there are 5 entirely new spreadplots

  • Univariate Data spreadplot
  • Bivariate Data spreadplot
  • Univariate Regression spreadplot
  • Bivariate Regression spreadplot
  • Frequency Data spreadplot (version 5.1.0)

In addition, nearly all previous spreadplots have been improved, some with major modifications. Also, the basic spreadplot code architecture has been improved, resulting in improved layout and management.

System Improvements