Preview 5.5

New Features in Version 5.05/5.1

System Improvements

When you Run ViSta you will see

  • A new dynamic opening screen.
  • That color has been added throughout.
  • A help window based on a new text window object.
Try the dynamic About ViSta information window, and the Screen Saver.

You will also notice a new Help System which includes:

  • Help menu presenting various kinds of help.
  • Menu Item Help for most menu items.
  • About These Data menu item for all Datasets.
  • Plot Help Buttons and Plot Help Menu Items for all plots.
  • SpreadPlot Help for all SpreadPlots.

As you use ViSta you will see improvements in:

  • WorkMap icon layout.
  • Desktop layout.
  • Datasheet positioning, sizing and formatting (now remembered over sessions).
  • Saving open Datasheets.
  • Configuring User preferences and System settings.

New system features in version 5.1.0 include:

  • Debug menu for developers.
  • Complete elimination of Table data, simplifying data management.
  • Imported data can contain variable names.

Analysis Improvements