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References & Links

This page is the master references and links page for the ViSta site. The page amalgamates all of the site's references and links onto one page. Many of the references are annotated. The material is grouped into the following catgegories:

Using ViSta || ViSta's Theoretical Foundation
LispStat || Lisp & Statistics || Lisp || LispLinks
Stat Systems || Reviews

Some references are in html. Others are available to be downloaded, displayed and printed by Adobe Acrobat. Other references are available free-of-charge on request. Documentation is free-of-charge from the documentation page.

  1. Using Vista:
  2. User's Guide (This is the main reference. It is available for downloading online.)
    Young, Forrest W. ViSta: The Visual Statistics System, UNC L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory Research Memorandum 94-1(c), 1996.

    Overview of ViSta, emphasizing new features in version 5.3
    Young, F.W. ViSta - The Visual Statistics System: Overview with emphasis on new features in ViSta 5.3. Presented at the Institute for Research in Social Science, Chapel Hill, NC., January 26th, 1999.

    Example of using ViSta
    Young, F.W. & Bann, Carla, M. ViSta: A Visual Statistics System. In: Stine, R.A. & Fox, J. (Eds.), Statistical Computing Environments for Social Research. Sage Publications.1996, pp. 207-236.

    For some unknown reason, this paper produces a postscript error which I cannot get rid of. The error makes the Postscript and Adobe Acrobat versions of the paper unprintable on some printers. If you have problems printing, try another printer.

    ViSta Web Applets
    Young, F.W. Teaching Statistics Visually with ViSta World-Wide-Web Applets - Invited presentation to the American Statistical Association, August, 1997.

    Overview of Using ViSta
    Young, F.W. & Bann, C. Visual Statistical Analysis with ViSta. Overheads for invited presentation to The International Biometrics Conference, July, 1996.

  3. ViSta's Theoretical Foundation
  4. About WorkMaps
    Young, F.W. A Cognitive Model of Data Analysis - Overheads for invited presentation to The American Psychological Association, August, 1996.

    Young, F.W. & Smith, J.B. Towards a Structured Data Analysis Environment: A Cognition-Based Design. In: Buja, A. & Tukey, P.A. (Eds.) Computing and Graphics in Statistics, 1991, 36, 253-279. New York: Springer-Verlag. Describes the basic ideas underlying the WorkMap.

    About GuideMaps
    Young, F.W. & Lubinsky, D.J. Guiding Data Analysts with Visual Statistical Strategies. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. 4(4), (1995), pp. 229-250. Presents the basic ideas underlying ViSta's GuideMap.

    About SpreadPlots
    Young, F.W., Faldowski, R.A. & McFarlane, M.M. Multivariate Statistical Visualization. In: Rao, C.R. (Ed.) Handbook of Statistics, 1993, 9, 959-998. Reviews all of the visualization techniques available in ViSta.

    Young, F.W. (and others) Visual Statistical Analysis. L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory, Research Memorandum 94-2. (1994). A collection of papers on various aspects of ViSta.

    McFarlane, M. & Young, F.W. Graphical Sensitivity Analysis for Multidimensional Scaling. J. Computational and Graphical Statistics, 1994, 3, 23-34.

    About high-dimensional visualization
    Young, F.W. Visualizing Six-Dimensional Structure with Dynamic Statistical Graphics. Chance, 1989, 2, 22-30.

    Young, F.W. & Rheingans, P. Visualizing Structure in High-dimensional Multivariate Data. IBM Journal of Research and Development (special issue on Visual Interpretation of Data), 1991, 35, 97-107.

  5. LispStat
  6. LispStat: The Main Reference:

    • Tierney, L. Lisp-Stat: An object-oriented environment for Statistical Computing and Dynamic Graphics. (Wiley, 1990)
    • Book Reviews appeared in Statistical Science, 1991, Vol. 6.

    LispStat Online:

  7. Lisp and Statistics:
  8. Lisp On Line
  9. LispStat Links
  10. These links are taken from Michael Friendly's Site at York University

  11. Links to Other Statistical Software
    • Click here for a searchable database of statistical software.
    • Click here for St@tServ, an extensive server for Statistics and Data Analysis, with information on Software, Publications, Jobs, Meetings, Consulting, etc.
    • Click here for a VERY COMPLETE set of links to Statistical and Statistical Graphics Resources.
    • Click here for an annotated list (including links) of several 100 commerically available data analysis systems. This list is maintained by SciTech, a clearinghouse for all kinds of scientific software.
    • Click here for a list of links to commercial and academic data analysis systems. This list is maintained by one of the commercial systems.
    • Click here for links to homepages of many statistical software providers. This list also includes many, many links to other statistics related sites, including professional organizations, institutes, educational resources, publications, mailing lists, and discussion groups.
    • Click here for links to numerous commercial and academic statistical software providers. This list is maintained at Duke's Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences.
    • Click here for links to Macintosh Statistical Software .

  12. Reviews of more than 75 statistical systems.