User's Guide
OnLine Help

How to Install ViSta

This section of the online help is designed to help you with any problems that may have come up during the initial installation of ViSta.

In addition, to get the most from vista, you should configure your computer to recognize ViSta applets and datafiles.

Installing ViSta 5.5

ViSta should have installed automatically, but if you had problems, or if you wish to review or change the installation, check out this information.

Configuring for ViSta DataFiles

ViSta datafiles are files which contain data formatted in a fashion that ViSta can understand. If you wish to be able to double-click a ViSta datafile, and have ViSta run and analyze it, without having to first run ViSta, you must configure Windows to recognize the file and associate it with ViSta, as described here

Configuring for ViSta Applets

ViSta Applets are small ViSta application files that are downloaded over the net to your browser. The applets cause ViSta to run and perform an analysis or visualization. ViSta Applets are very handy in the teaching/learning situation, where the applets can illustrate concepts being learned in the course. Follow the instructions for installation presented here.