New Visualizations in ViSta 5.5

  • Spreadplots
    • New SpreadPlots for univariate, bivariate, frequency, classification and categorical data, and for univariate and bivariate regression.
    • Improvements: Nearly all previous spreadplots have been improved, some with major modifications.
    • New Features: Multiple spreadplots can be open at once, for the same or for different model or data objects. Closed spreadplots can be reopened to their previous state.
  • Graphics:
    • New graphics: Frequency polygons, hollow histograms, side-by-side and stacked bar graphs, parallel-coordinate plots, and mosaic plots.
      • Frequency polygons, histograms and hollow histograms have frequency or probability axis, dynamic binning, explicit bin mid-points and better bin cut-points (thanks to Jan de Leeuw and Jason Bond for implementing the basic algorithm).
      • Bar graphs and Mosaic plots have dynamic bar or tile highlighting, coloring based on deviations from expected values, dynamic labeling and numeric presentationof frequencies and deviations.
    • Improved Graphs: Histograms, box-plots, quantile plots and normal-probability plots have been improved.
    • Smoothers: Lowess, Kernel, Linear and Spline smoothers are available with Scatterplots, histograms and frequency polygons.
    • Countours: Quantile and Normal Contours can be added to scatterplots.

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