System Improvements in ViSta 5.5

When you Run ViSta you will see

  • A new dynamic opening screen.
  • That color has been added throughout.
  • A welcome and help window based on a new text window object.
  • Improved Desktop and SpreadPlot layout.
Try the dynamic About ViSta information window, and the Screen Saver.

You will also notice a new Help System which includes:

  • Web Help based on extensive classroom notes.
  • Help menu presenting various kinds of help.
  • Menu Item Help for most menu items.
  • About These Data menu item for all Datasets.
  • Plot Help Buttons and Plot Help Menu Items for all plots.
  • SpreadPlot Help for all SpreadPlots.

There are also improvements to the workmap:

  • Icons and icon-trees can be deleted (finally!);
  • Icons for graphics and reports;
  • New data icons that visually cue the new data types;
  • The tool bar has user-definable analysis buttons (and a new appearance).
  • Object names can be edited

Data and Datasheet:

  • ViSta now has six data-types: Multivariate (including uni- and bi-variate); Categorical; Classification; Frequency Tables; Two and Three-way Matrices (N-way arrays under development), and missing data.
  • The efficiency of Data loading and of DataSheet operations has been greatly improved, permitting much larger datafiles (100000 observations on 100 variables is now practical, although visualization is limited).
  • Data can be exported
  • Imported data can include variable names and observation labels.
  • Cursor keys work with MS-Windows version
  • More datatype conversions supported.

And there are Improvements just for MS-Windows:

  • PRINTING! Completely standard printing is now supported!
  • Installation: Installation has been simplified and made more like a standard windows application. The networked Windows NT installation should be easier and more flexible.
  • Window maximize/minimize buttons work for MS-Windows.
  • Default button behavior improved in dialogs.
  • Main window position and size remembered between sessions.
  • Cursor Keys sensed and used in Datasheet.

As you use ViSta you will see improvements in:

  • Efficiency: The efficiency of Data loading and of DataSheet operations have been greatly improved, permitting much larger datafiles. As many as 100000 data values is now practical, although visualization is limited.
  • User Interface: There are improvements in WorkMap icon layout, Desktop layout, Datasheet positioning, sizing and formatting (now remembered over sessions), and in Saving, exporting and importing data.

Developers have improved support:

  • Debug menu for developers.
  • Symbol Editor
  • Simplified compiling
  • Plugins
  • Improved tracing
  • Distribution maker.