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ViSta 6!

ViSta 6.4 for Windows is the first official release of ViSta 6. It has been tested under Windows 95, 98 and NT 4 and 2000. It does not run under either 16-bit or 32-bit Win3.x. It is not available for Macintosh or Unix machines. 
This version is based on the ViSta Advisory Board's recommendations that I develop a ViSta core engine whose features will remain unchanged in the future. We will grow ViSta via Plugins and Addons which will add attitional capabilities for more advanced or specialized uses. The plugins, as well as the core engine, are available on the website.

The core engine is supposed to be LEAN and MEAN - Lean meaning that it is the smallest fully functional implementation that is useful for beginners - Mean meaning that it is fast and clean.

The plugins add great functionality to the system, including cluster analysis, homogeneity analysis and multilevel models.