Version 6

MacViSta Version 6

Download MacViSta 5.6

MacViSta 5.6, the current preview release of ViSta 6 for the Macintosh (the next standard release) is now available for evaluation. It is feature-complete and in essentially final form. It runs on Power Macs, but not on 680XX machines, which we do not anticipate supporting. There are many new cutting edge features, but there are some sharp edges.

The code is the same as for WinViSta 5.6, which has been tested extensively and works well. However, this is the second release for the Mac and certain platform specific features are not yet implemented. It has been tested on System 7.5.5 and 8.5, but not extensively, and contains bugs or glitches that are specific to the Mac, especially with the behavior of windows. There are certain places where the interactive features are clunky. We plan to work out the kinks and bumps over the next month or so and then release ViSta 6 for the Mac.

Please let us know of any problems right away so that we can incorporate the fixes. Send your bug reports to Forrest Young.

  • MacViSta 5.6 is the standard version and is appropriate for all users except those who wish to develop new features for Vista. It is a Binhexed self extracting stuffit archive for PPC Macs. It is smaller (3.44 MBytes) and faster download and occupies less file space (8.3 MBytes) than the other versions. It includes no source files or developer's tools. is a Binhexed Macintosh self extracting stuffit archive for PPC Macs.


    The source for ViSta 5.6.2 is being distributed in Windows format and with a moderated open source policy. Rather than distributing the sources to everyone with the standard download, the distribution is being limited to those who wish to use the source code for the benefit of the ViSta user's community.

    The distribution is in Windows format, although the code is identical for both platforms.

    To obtain the source code you must send Forrest Young a brief proposal indicating what you wish to do with the code, and what the benefit will be to the ViSta user's community.

    In addition, you must agree to provide the changes you make to Forrest Young. You must also agree to provide him the right to include your changes in the ViSta distribution should he decide to.

    Upon approval of the proposed activities you will receive information about downloading the source code.