Contributing to
ViSta's Development

Thanks to All of You!

Luke Tierney, for XLisp-Stat, without which none of this would have been done.

David Lubinsky and John B. Smith, for their contributions to WorkMap and GuideMap architecture

Richard Faldowski and Carla Bann for their contributions to SpreadPlot architecture

Richard Faldowski and Pedro Valero, for guidance and motivation during critical times.

Fabian Camacho, for MultiPane Windows, the Excell/Access Connection, and many Windows niceities.

Bibb Latane, for funding the work by Fabian and the Developer's Conference.

Doug Kent, for additional MS-Windows enhancements, funded by UNC Office of Information Technology

Jenny Williams, my NT-Guru

Louis le Guelte, for the French translation

Pedro Valero, Gabriel Molina & Maria R. Rodrigo, for the Spanish translation

Pedro Valero, for Missing Data Imputation and Visual Transformations.

Jan de Leeuw and Jason Bond, for their Frequency Polygon and Histogram graphics code

Erann Gat, for his C-to-Lisp Parser.

Kjetil Halvorsen, for his Developer's menu.

Frederic Udina, for his Symbol Editor

Anthony J. Rossini, Charles Kurak, Albrecht Gebhardt and Andrew V. Klein for their contributions to the Unix port.

Carla Bann, Rich Faldowski, David Flora, Ernest Kwan, Lee Bee Leng, Mary McFarland, Dominic Moore and Chris Weisen for their contributions to model object code.

With special thanks to Patricia Young for Artistic Design and for Patience, Understanding and Support during a long, long project.