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This page is the master links page for the ViSta site. The page amalgamates all of the site's links onto one page. The links are grouped into the following catgegories:

ViSta || LispStat || Lisp & Statistics || Lisp || LispLinks
  • Luke Tierney's Projects page has information about his on-going projects, including dynamic loading, autoload, byte-code compiler, http clients, etc.
  • Notes for Luke Tierney's Class on Programming Paradigms and Dynamic Graphics in Statistics
  • Additional Short course notes by Luke Tierney
  • Young, F.W. ViSta: The Visual Statistics System. Research Memorandum 94-1b, L.L Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory, Univ. N. Carolina, Second Edition, August, 1996

  • Lisp and Statistics:
  • Lisp On Line
  • LispStat Links
  • These links are taken from
    Michael Friendly's Site at York University

    Links to Other Statistical Software

    Reviews of more than 75 statistical systems.

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