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Download ViSta 7

ViSta 7 is the last evolution of ViSta. It incorporates many of the features introduced in the book and some others not discussed in it.

ViSta 7.9.2

Download this experimental version of ViSta 7. We are working on improving its stability. If you want to contribute to the developing effort drop a message to Pedro M. Valero-Mora

This version corrects some bugs in previous versions and has some new linking features. Notice that this version does not use a installer. Read the instructions in the Read Me first file in the .zip folder to install this version.

This version has been replaced by ViSta (see below)

ViSta This version fixes some problems with frequency reports.
ViSta This version uses standard mosaic plots
Download ViSta This version incorporates plugins for Item analysis, Factorial analysis and Parallel analysis (by Rubén Ledesma)
Download ViSta MDS works in this version. Selector buttons are visible. Hierarchical cluster improved with new linking features, report and create data methods.
Download ViSta Plugin for tetrachoric correlation is preinstalled
Download ViSta Changes in imputation and descriptives for missing data
Download ViSta Incorporates the plot for visualizing patterns of missing values

Do not forget to read the

Instructions for Installing ViSta

For users of non-english versions of the OS, try to download and uncompress the file in a user directory (not in Program Files) if you experience any problem



Last update 2/2/10