About the Authors

Forrest W. Young

Forrest W. Young was Professor Emeritus of Quantitative Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Forrest was the creator and designer of ViSta, both in terms of its look and feel, and in terms of its internal software architecture. He also implemented the design and wrote much of the documentation. He worked on the ViSta project since 1990, receiving considerable help from his students and colleagues.
Prof. Young’s early research interests focused on multidimensional scaling and nonlinear multivariate data analysis (for which he was elected president of the Psychometric Society and received the American Market Research Association’s O’Dell award, both in 1981). Through these research interests, Prof. Young became involved in software development early in his career. Prof. Young served as a professional consultant on statistical system interface design with SAS Institute, Statistical Sciences (the S-Plus system), and BMDP Inc. He wrote or designed data analysis modules for the SAS, SPSS, and IMSL systems. He was a member of the American Statistical Association´s sections on computational and graphical statistics.
Forrest W. Young died a few months before the Visual Statistics book was published and after all the writing had been finished. He was 65.

Pedro M. Valero-Mora

Pedro M. Valero-Mora is Professor Titular at the University de Valencia (Spain). He received his Ph.D. in psychology from this same university in 1996. He has worked in the Department of Methodology of the Behavioural Sciences of the University of València, Spain, since 1990, teaching introductory and multivariate Statistics, data processing and computational statistics.
Pedro M. Valero-Mora’s research interests have combined graphics, statistical visualization, and human computer interaction, being concerned with the design of computer interfaces for statistical graphics systems to make them more useful, friendly and, rewarding to use. This research has lead to his work on the development of innovative computer interfaces for statistical analysis and visualization.

Michael Friendly

Michael Friendly received his Ph.D. in psychometrics and cognitive psychology from Princeton University, where he held a Psychometric Fellowship awarded by the Educational Testing Service. He is Professor of Psychology at York University, Canada, and has been associate coordinator and director of the Statistical Consulting Service since 1985. He is the author of The SAS System for Statistical Graphics and Visualizing Categorical Data published by SAS Institute, an Associate Editor of the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, and author of numerous research papers. Current research includes graphical methods for data analysis, analysis of categorical data, and the history of data visualization. He teaches graduate and undergraduates in multivariate data analysis, and intermediate and advanced statistics, and has taught many short courses on a wide variety of statistical topics.

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